Episode 107 – Best Practices, Ingram/Harmony, and Water Cooled Servers

April 13th, 2021
Episode 107 - Best Practices, Ingram/Harmony, and Water Cooled Servers

Topic 1: Should you rely on best practices?

We return to the question of what ARE best practices and how you define them. But more than that, should you be following other peoples’ so-called best practices? Stop leaning on best practices, and experiment!

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Topic 2: Distributor Ingram Micro Buys Harmony PSA.

First, do you care? Second, is this a good move? Would you be tempted to a PSA owned by one of your distributors?

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Topic 3: Submerged Servers. Like, IN the water.

Last year Microsoft completed a test of sealed server data centers at the bottom of the ocean. But they kep the water on the outside of the tank. Now they’re developing a non-conductive liquid so they can cool servers by submerging them altogether.

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