Episode: 131 – AI Breaking Bad, CISA Revisited, and More

September 28th, 2021
Episode: 131 - AI Breaking Bad, CISA Revisited, and More

Question of the Day: What is a photo?

Topic 1: When AI Breaks Bad

Once again we address the question of ethics and AI.

From Axios: “A new report about artificial intelligence and its effects warns AI has reached a turning point and its negative effects can no longer be ignored.” Have we reached the point where we should automatically look for the negative effects first?

Link: https://www.axios.com/newsletters/axios-future-0a5d2e2c-acd8-422b-a37c-1fc93f78a76f.html

Topic 2: Let’s look at CISA . . . again.

Last week we talked about the CISA advice for your customers. Here we revisit, and look at the “Low fruit” considerations that you might actually decide to adopt today. These include Backup documentation, Client data segregation, and Financial health of IT service providers.

Link: https://www.cisa.gov/publication/risk-considerations-msp-customers

See also Karl’s blog posts on this: – https://blog.smallbizthoughts.com/2021/09/the-government-is-telling-your-clients.html https://blog.smallbizthoughts.com/2021/09/three-things-you-should-do-in-response.html

Topic 3: Next Gen Crowd Sourcing?

Pondering . . . is there a new name for the group behavior that’s emerging on the Internet in the 2020’s? For example: – TikTok investors follow members of Congress – Reddit investors manipulate the stock market – Amateur sleuths help in the search for missing persons

Question: Is there a name for this kind of activity? It seems like there’s something other than “crowd sourcing” here.

Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/20/style/gabby-petito-case-tiktok-social-media.html

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