Episode 140 – Apple Privacy, Internet of Ice Cream Things, and Asteroid Armageddon

November 30th, 2021
Episode 140 - Apple Privacy, Internet of Ice Cream Things, and Asteroid Armageddon

Topic 1: Apple goes after the NSO Group

Apple takes companies to court to prevent them from cracking into Apple phones. This touches on privacy as well as treating huge corporations as nation-states. Science fiction or reality?




Topic 2: McDonald’s and the ice cream machine – update

We covered the “right to repair” issue regarding McD’s ice cream machines. Now the picture is a lot more complicated. You never know where intrigue can be found. We also touch on the value of service contracts and how that fits in the mix.

This might also be the first use of IOICT – Internet of Ice Cream Things.

Link: https://www.wired.com/story/mcdonalds-ice-cream-machine-hacking-kytch-taylor-internal-emails/

Topic 3: We’re Going to “Armageddon” an Asteroid

NASA just launched a rocket that will — in 1 year — crash into an asteroid so they can measure the impact on its orbit. The purpose: to practice and learn whether we could alter the path of an asteroid in the future if it were headed toward Earth. Sweet!




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