Episode 144 – Complexity, Transforming the Local Store, and Microsoft’s Metaverse

December 28th, 2021
Episode 144 - Complexity, Transforming the Local Store, and Microsoft's Metaverse

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Topic 1: Is troubleshooting possible when complicated becomes complex?

If no one person can make a technology, can anyone fix it? What does complexity mean for our industry? Will we need to change our troubleshooting practices going forward? Give us your feedback.



Topic 2: Can the corner store get digitally transformed?

Here’s some good news: The corner store might be your next gold mine! It’s actually amazing how few of these shops have made their way into modern technology. This might keep you employed for the next ten years.



Topic 3: Metaverse from a Microsoft perspective.

Satya Nadella gave his perspective on the metaverse and what it might look like. Surprise! Microsoft makes the hardware and software that will make it happen.


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