Episode 148 – Share Workspace, Gloating Over Your Competitors, and Driverless Cars

January 25th, 2022
Episode 148 - Share Workspace, Gloating Over Your Competitors, and Driverless Cars

Recorded as “Killing IT Live” – and then we picked out these three topics.

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Topic 1: Prognostication request – Is shared workspace going to be the largest source of New Jargon in 2022?

Do you know what “Benching” or “Desking” are? You could probably guess what shared desking is.

We look at the possibilities of future workspace. There is clearly more than one answer.

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Topic 2: Don’t Gloat About Your Competitors’ Troubles

Wherein we examine the difference between your marketing blog and your technology/security blog. You can be really great from the security viewpoint, but we discuss whether that discussion should leak over to the marketing side of the house.

Corporate marketing is not the place to talk about your competitors’ security issues.



Topic 3: Karl loses a one dollar bet on driverless cars

And other “cutting edge” technologies have also not fared as well. How much is just hype and how much is just slower than we projected?