Episode 51: MSP Legislation, Covid-19, the Economy, and Robot Bosses

March 17th, 2020
Episode 51: MSP Legislation, Covid-19, the Economy, and Robot Bosses

First, a note from listener Chris.

Issue clarification Link:


Topic 1: Louisiana Secretary of State on Defining MSPs

We do a little analysis on Dave’s interview on his Business of Tech podcast. What consitutes “malpractice” for an IT service provider?

“If self-regulation doesn’t work, the government will step in.”

And, of course, how will legislation define MSPs and MSSPs?

Link: https://www.mspradio.com/podcast/mon-march-9-2020-an-interview-with-louisiana-secretary-of-state-kyle-ardoin/

Topic 2: COVID-19 and a Possible Recession

I’m not any of us understands what’s going on with the Covid-19 virus or with the economy. But there definitely appears to be a connection. We analyze a bit for the IT consultants out there.

Link: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-06/the-u-s-may-already-be-in-a-recession-thanks-to-coronavirus

Topic 3: Robots aren’t taking our jobs, they are becoming our bosses

An interesting twist from The Verge. AI without humanity can be very stressful. We speculate on what this means and where we’re heading.