Episode 81 – Remote Report Card, Total Connectivity, and Tech Budgets

October 13th, 2020
Episode 81 - Remote Report Card, Total Connectivity, and Tech Budgets

No awards this week . . . but we have a sponsor!


Topic 1: Remote work versus distributed work

We all “went remote” all of a sudden. Did we do it right? The fact that you can go remote does not mean that you maintained culture, and all the good things about your business.

We discuss – of course.

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Topic 2: Have we not thought big enough about the connected world?

We have “some” cool, futuristic technology, but we don’t yet have the totally-connected, always-on access we were hoping for. Now that glowing vision of the future is coming into focus . . . brought to you by Huawei.

We love the vision. Just wondering if we can get it from someone else.


Topic 3: Return of “Life after Covid” – Post-COVID CIOs are looking at budget increases.

IDG say, “Innovating with a reduced budget will become a high priority for tech leaders as the economy returns to health finds major annual CIO survey.” But, at the same time, large companies are enjoying an increase in technology spending.

MSPs are absolutely in a position to provide this kind of strategic advice to their customers, and they need to have that kind of insight in order to be relevant in the current planning / guessing phase.


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