Episode 89 – Fighting Inequality with AI, Cheap Energy, and “Edge” Opportunities

December 8th, 2020
Episode 89 - Fighting Inequality with AI, Cheap Energy, and "Edge" Opportunities

Looking forward to Episode 100! As we close in on the end of 2020, we are also fast approaching our 100th episode.

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Topic 1: AI Reveals Racial Inequalities in NYC

We’ve talked about the layers of bias within Artificial Intelligence, and the impact of human bias on the creation of AI. So this topic looks at using AI to find bias inside existing databases. It’s very meta.


Topic 2: Growth in renewable energy finally takes off.

I think we all know that various electrical generating systems have become cheaper, but this article has some jaw-dropping statistics. Solar energy is going to dominate the world for one really good reason: It’s not cheaper BY FAR than anything else.

Price of electricity from solar dropped 89% in ten years !!! Price of solar photovoltaic cells dropped 99.6% since 1976.


Topic 3: “Edge” (whatever that means) Brings Opportunity.

And while we’re at it, we all hate the term Edge. Having said that, the real focus is on new and various protocols that you can just let run wild. Complexity brings opportunity!

We discuss.


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